A Selection of Customer Testimonials

“When we started the chronicle we were quite unaware what a gold mine our corporate history was with regard to our communication work. There are numerous things in there which are playing into our hands in a wonderful at the moment.”

Antonia Maas, Manager Corporate Communication at Bundesdruckerei GmbH Berlin, about the book on the company’s history.

“Those days in Nuremberg were a joy… I received extremely positive feedback throughout. Many of those I spoke to were very taken by the book (its style, format, the paper, illustrations, design, etc.). The exhibition had more visitors than I originally thought, and the 300 books had all been taken by Saturday. I had laid them out on two tables as part of the exhibition… those interested gladly took the chronicle home … For DGVS, producing the chronicle has been a significant contribution to becoming engaged with their own history. Please accept our emphatic thanks for co-operating with us on this project, and please pass this on to the staff at N & K who participated in this.”

Harro Jenss, archivist at DGVS, about the book and the exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of DGVS.

“I have read through this and again, I find it quite excellent. I feel that the individual research projects have been extremely well described in the extensive part III. The authors of the book have shown themselves to be outstanding taxonomists. It is admirable to see how they have introduced and presented the in part rather complex projects in an elegant, sleek language which is easy to comprehend at the same time. The meticulousness shown in individual citations is also to be admired greatly.”

Prof. Hans-Peter Schuster, Science Commission at EKFS, on the history of EKFS between 2008 and 2011.

“I am still full of admiration for the elegance with which you manage to summarise even more complex subjects in a way that is both readable and interesting.”

PD Dr. Susanne Schultz-Hector, Board of Management EKFS.

“This high-calibre event was also made possible because of you and your great commitment in the research and guidance with regard to historical contents. We have received much praise both from our client and their guests, and we would like to pass this on to you today.”

CB.e agentur für kommunikation, on the ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of Fresenius.

“We have had phone calls and mails from several members and have also been approached personally with the statement that our 100th anniversary book was to beautiful and easy to read, with many interesting descriptions of the past. We would like to pass this praise on to you, together with our thanks for the excellent work.”

“The reactions to the book ‚90 Years on the Road‘ have shown me very clearly how many people are moved by the history of MAN. I wish to thank you, on their behalf too, for your work which has proved that corporate history can be presented in a way that is fresh!”

“If you need a personal reference, please do not hesitate to pass my contact data to potential customers. I will be glad to talk to them about the good and successful co-operation with your team.”

“Fantastic work. Also, I really want to tell you how grateful I am for your trust and belief in us and our project and your openness of heart to embrace not only our personal family situation, but also on an intellectual, political and historical level.“

The Illich family, Boston, USA.

“Super job, heartfelt thanks. It has been fun working with you.”


“Thank you very much for the really lovely chronicle. DKV has been presented in the best possible manner. We have also been impressed by the depth of your research, the unlocking of an individual company’s history for which there are hardly any oral witnesses left Really great. I will be glad to recommend Neumann & Kamp.”

“Dear Dr. Kamp, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the book because it is a well-written, exciting story. German history of that time, all those outstanding personages, those two aspects alone make for fascinating reading. However, what I really admire is the many pieces of information gathered by you, be they important events, encounters or the smallest of details which make one smile. Incredible! – Congratulations!”

“Great!! That really looks quite fantastic! That definitely makes working together a lot of fun!”

“The brochure “90 Years of IMT” is going down very well. Especially now, at a moment of crisis, it gives us the chance to present our continuous innovation performance. We have already had a second set of copies printed. The brochure will now be distributed worldwide.”

“Exactly the right mix of family-run enterprise and international aspects. Also a very nice text-picture ratio.”

“I cannot remember whether I have written to you to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading the book on F.M.S. Its stylish look, neat print, the selecton and distinctive presentation of pictures, – all these things make it an object which one could submit, with a good chance of success, to a competition ‚The most beautiful book‘! Many thanks for that, too!”

“I would like to express to you but also to the editorial staff, the project management and the book’s typographers, my great appreciation and acclaim … The corporate chronicle is a great success – with regard to its content, didactics and design. Its perfection reflects the perfection of your products. … The chronicle will therefore continue to remind me of you and will prompt me to get in touch with you again whenever I feel the need to do so in the course of my many activities.”

Wilfried Wiegand of WIEGAND Unternehmen für Kälte- und Klimatechnik (in a letter to our clients Barbarino & Kilp/Hytorc).