Corporate History in Communication


Brands and brand identity are becoming steadily more important. Both customers and their partners associate them with experience, flexibility, tradition, innovation, originality and reliability – values which a competently written corporate history can convey.

In external communication, the use of history for marketing purposes (history marketing or corporate hstory publishing) raises the profile of a company, its services and its products. In internal corporate communication, a company’s history creates connecting factors for identity formation. It creates bonds as well as a stronger identification of staff members with their company.

The results of our research, images and sources cannot only be presented in a publication but can also be made available to staffers worldwide within a wiki structure.

Neumann & Kamp can help you to utilise the potential of your corporate history for your public relations work in an optimum fashion. We support companies’ marketing activities, we investigate and write corporate histories, implement exhibitions, design apps, set up archives and advise corporate management as well as communication departments.


Corporate History, History Marketing and Communication


Corporate History in Book Form

Even in this digital age, an appealing publication on the occasion of a corporate anniversary is still the most popular and often most attractive format when it comes to presenting your corporate history and values.

The spectrum ranges from high-quality brochures as giveaways and lavishly illustrated corporate history chronicles for employees to academic standard works and reference books on a company’s history.

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Corporate History in a Space

History in a space – either as an exhibition or a corporate museum, in the foyer of the anniversary event or as part of a trade fair booth – there are numerous variants of experiencing history at close quarters.

An exhibition demonstrates your corporate history to a broader audience. Fascinating exhibits, old film footage and an attractive exhibition design will be remembered for a long time. An exhibition is an ideal medium for creating attention and interest.

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Corporate History in Digital Form

Many companies want to ensure that the presentation of their history measures up to their own vision of the future: History in digital form, history in a multimedia interpretation.

There is a wide variety of options in presenting your corporate history in digital or multimedia form, independent of any anniversay. These include open history wikis, mobile apps, websites, films and digital installations.

Screenshot aus der Fresenius-App, die anlässlich des 100-jährigen Jubiläums entwickelt wurde.

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Corporate History Live

Storytelling, speeches, talks or workshops – experience corporate history live. No matter whether you are addressing employees, customers or business associates: Stories and anecdotes are ideal for use as a fascinating and communicative means.

At Neumann & Kamp Historische Projekte we give entertaining talks, present anniversary publications in a festive setting, take part in panel discussions, guide your customers and staff through your anniversary exhibition or your works premises. We will gladly prepare talks and speeches on your corporate history or on historical contexts for you.

Dr. Michael Kamp bei einem Vortrag über die Firmengeschichte des Gesundheitskonzerns Fresenius.

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